We have an exciting music program at Epiphany!

Liturgical Music:

Worship and parish life at Epiphany is supported and enhanced by thoughtful incorporation of music services throughout the year. Epiphany enjoys expanded musical offerings utilizing traditional and contemporary music. A variety of musical styles supports the liturgical calendar.

  • Traditional – Epiphany celebrates using a traditional service format including music from Hymnal 1982 and organ literature. Our traditional format is offered at 8:00 AM on Sunday.
  • Contemporary – A more contemporary service is offered at 10:30 AM on Sunday. The service blends use of traditional hymns with organ accompaniment and contemporary selections with piano, percussion, and singers.
  • Evensong – Following the tradition of the Episcopal Church, evening prayer is offered throughout the year. Epiphany has selected Saturday evening as a time when they gather, celebrate evening prayer and most often enjoy musical offerings as elements of the service.


  • RSCM- Epiphany is affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music . The program follows standards defined by the RSCM. Students participate in liturgies throughout the year, often including Evensong and other festivals of the liturgical year.
  • Adult and Contemporary-This group of musicians occasionally supports the blended service and rehearses before the 10:30 service.


  • Allen Organs – Epiphany has been blessed with substantial instruments that support the parish’s musical life. From April 1982 until recently, the church enjoyed a large custom 3 manual, 83-stop Allen instrument. A new Allen Quantum 3-manual instrument is currently being installed and promises to lift the musical experience to new heights for the parish and the community. The new instrument is 80 stops, 3-manuals and 5 divisions and has 7 distinctive stop lists. It also incorporates Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) that further expands the sounds possible. The instrument is the largest of its type in the state of Colorado – and one of very few that has a 64’ stop in the pedal division.
  • Mason & Hamlin – A large grand piano has been a pivotal instrument in parish life and supports all service formats. The primary choice to accompany contemporary worship, the piano is also used as a solo instrument.
  • Rodgers Cambridge – This 2 manual organ supports music in the Chapel.


  • Sarah Tafoya, Director of Music Ministries – Please contact Sarah Tafoya set.tafoya@gmail.com for more information about joining the worship choir, the RSCM choir, or for special camps and events.
  • Brandon Bennett, Organist – Dr. Bennett is the parish organist and consultant to the choral and contemporary musician groups. Please contact him at b.g.bennett@comcast.net for more information about the organ.