Outreach & Missions

Epiphany is blessed worship with folks from Burundi, Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, which helps us focus on the African continent. We also support several ministries working in the Holy Land.

Episcopal Relief and Development – Episcopal Relief and Development works with church partners to rebuild after disasters and empower people to create lasting solutions that fight poverty, hunger and disease. Working in close to 40 countries, their programs impact the lives of approximately 3 million people. Their international development programs seek to mobilize local resources and expertise toward sustainable, community-led programs that address poverty, hunger and disease.

Watoto – Supports women and children in Uganda and South Sudan with villages for orphaned children and “Keep a girl in school” programs.

American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem – Transforming lives of the vulnerable and displaced in the Middle East through support of schools, hospitals, and centers for children with disabilities

Beirut and Beyond – Beirut and Beyond brings relief and builds relationships with Palestinian refugees. They foster awareness of the complications and intricacies of the Middle East. They encourage others to be peacemakers in the Middle East and also advocate for Palestinian refugee communities.

Save Christian Middle East – Raises awareness about the Christian plight in the Middle East, especially those who have now become refugees in Lebanon, the only remaining Christian county in the Middle East, the land where Christianity all began.

Building Share

During the week Epiphany hosts: AAMusic with Ginny, Enshin Karate and Inspire Preschool.